CA South is staffed to be a top-rated tenant improvement company in the Nashville marketplace.  We have industry experts with tenure and experience to make your commercial interior renovations and improvements a success.   

Every company is unique with various uses, functions, cultures, work processes, technology requirements, and sustainability goals.  Our tenant improvement contractors focus on the construction processes that are essential to delivering a quality finished product.  We study, in-depth, how your space will be used over time. For our end-users, it is our trusted duty to give you the confidence that the finished investments and improvements will satisfy your long-term real estate needs.

Nashville Commercial Building Renovations and Build-Out Services

Commercial Build-outs Nashville TNTenant improvement services and commercial tenant build-outs cover a wide variety of construction products.  We have experience and a track record in many space types involving commercial build out services and commercial building renovations including:

  • Corporate Offices
  • Restaurants 
  • Customer Experience Centers
  • Executive Conference Centers
  • Meeting Spaces & Training Rooms
  • Commercial/Retail
  • Warehouse and Production Facilities
  • Hospitality
  • Showrooms
  • Specialty Stores

The three common options that stakeholders face are design-build, CM at Risk, and the traditional method of Design Bid-Build.   We are familiar with all options and if you are deciding which direction to go, we have provided the opportunities and constraints of each method below:


Tenant Improvement Contractors Nashville TNThe client hires the contractor to lead a team of designers and subcontractors to complete the project from the inception phase.

All projects start with planning.  As leaders in the industry, CA South can hire previously vetted firms in design and engineering to work with you on defining your space needs in terms of square footage, location, circulation, facility, layout, and code compliance.  Each company has a specific set of needs to be analyzed and scrutinized to figure out the feasibility and costs to reach a setting where the firm can operate efficiently and successfully.  With interior building renovations and building rehab, you are facing the constraints and opportunities of existing real estate assets that differ in a myriad of ways.  Location, floor plate size, parking, architectural design, asset class, zoning, available utility capacities, etc. all are important considerations in choosing the correct space.  CA South can price out the same space requirements in different locations available on the market to help you make cost and data-driven decisions. We can take on any commercial renovations, including exterior and interior buildout.

During the planning phase, we can help you select the design and engineering teams so we can get to a set of preliminary drawings for our robust internal and subcontractor teams to build rough order of magnitude level budgets.  Once a location is determined we can refine the drawings in more detail to get a bid review of the final expected construction costs.  Next, we can collaborate on the construction phase managing a detailed construction schedule and budget to keep you apprised of progress through the build-out phase until you have a turn keyspace to launch your team into your next chapter.

Design-build projects save time by keeping your builder on the front lines from the beginning and handing the project to industry experts right out of the gates. Transparency is key and the collaboration with the end-user is still extensive and essential.

CMR (Construction Manager AT Risk)

As with all project delivery methods, the Construction Manager at Risk method begins with planning.  In this method, the end user hires a third-party construction management firm to assist with selecting a design team to hone in on your space needs. The construction manager will engage with a general contractor to get through the pricing exercise and reach an agreed-upon budget and schedule.  CA South as the general contractor will select the build team based on the bidding and vetting process. The CMR method allows for a collaborative process to negotiate your construction timelines and costs as the design process is in the conceptual phase.  This helps the end-user make critical design-driven decisions based on cost and time before detailed drawings and specifications are decided upon.  Controlling your costs and timeline is the crux of a tenant improvement project.  

Design > Bid > Build

Building Renovations Nashville TNIn this delivery method, the planning phase is nearly complete before the general contractor is engaged. Your design team has already worked with your team to produce a detailed set of construction documents that are typically sent out to a few general contractors to bid on the construction costs.   While this method is common to get competitive costs from contractors, it has its limitations lacking the upfront collaboration with the GC in the pre-construction phases to identify cost-prohibitive barriers and pitfalls that can arise during the site selection and design phases. CA South is seasoned in identifying those potential issues at the onset of engagement of this delivery method to make sure you still get an end product that is up to the standard of quality and within the parameters of budget and time you established in the planning phase. Come to us for commercial build out services!

COVID Office Modification Services in Nashville TN

The CA South team is poised to assist with planning and evaluating office modifications needed to prepare workplaces for re-opening. Each office setting is unique and deserves a well-thought-out assessment. Our team is readily available to walk your space, work with your team and designers to find potential options to help make the process of returning to work seamless and safe for your employees.  We can provide layouts and suggest measures, costs, and timelines for this process.