Cost Plus General Contracting

Bringing & Maintaining Project Transparency

With a cost plus general contracting agreement, the biggest benefit is the transparency in pricing. You’ll be able to see every invoice, as well as having a say in the working budget. You can also personally benefit from any cost savings the contractor discovers, either in material changes or other means. You just pay a direct wholesale builders cost, plus an agreed fix profit margin. This agreement means that the contractor can’t overcharge on prices to cover any unforeseen price increases.

Why Choose CA South Constructors?

Our job is to develop and present your vision the way you see it. As your general contractor, design/build construction company, and metal building engineering company, we keep the process simple and can handle the entire scope of a project with ease. You’ll get an ideal combination of price, schedule, and best quality on the market. Cut out the salesman and the middleman and save time, money and frustration by bringing on CA South Constructors.

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Cost-Plus vs. Fixed

While fixed price contracts have the advantage of being predictable for a specific maximum cost, they may ultimately come with a higher price tag due to contractors adding fees and percentages in order to lower their risks and cover unexpected expenses not originally bid on. Cost-plus contracts can be mutually beneficial to contractor and client, with both parties agreeing up front to the fees, and to expenses as an ongoing activity.

Our teams can work together to come up with an agreement that benefits your project appropriately, and to determine how the relationship can work best.

Effective Management & Cost Tracking Means Our Customers Benefit